Always researching his manifesto of life. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on a Friday, around lunch time. Through out my life I have been trying to define who I’m by observing others and studying my own behavior under different situations and socio-cultural diversity.

First generation puertorrican lite, Victor is the founder of micromango.com, a digital lab.

A passionate dancer, red wine kind of guy, complete goofball, micro-electromechanical (MEMS) engineer, computer scientist, ROI web designer, and macademia nut cookie monster.

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  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Design
  • Effectiveness
  • Psychology
  • Branding
  • Internet Marketing
  • Evolutionary Brain Biology
  • Social and Belief Systems
  • Relationship Interactions
  • Business Structures
  • Virtual Reality and Matriz Math


  • The privilege of a lifetime it’s been who you are – Joseph Campbell
  • There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that – Mark Twain
  • Why do we kill people that killed people to show killing people is bad – bumper sticker

My life’s Manifesto is a combination of ideas about;

How to jump through the window while banging the cowbell and eating strawberries

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