Dearator Tank

This invention is directed to a unique segmented plate and associated plate assembly technique, adapted for use where access is limited to an area/chamber within which the plate is to be secured and employed for use in connection with an enclosure.

Patent Application No. 10/643,358

Problem: Management needs to determine whether to buy electricity or gas, when gas prices are low. An Xcel Energy contract establishes several parameters under which electricity will be bought from Utilities
plant. There is no tool to perform a Cost-Benefit analysis into the future.

Solution: This computer program evaluates the cost/benefit of selling electricity to public service vs. producing it. It is based on several intrinsic equations (from contract) that consider 12 month rolling calculations projected to the future.

Result: A simulation through June 05, using zero as capacity factor for one out of six months rolling average of 35%, shows another inconsistency in contract to be reviewed by Xcel energy.

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Hard Disk Redesign

The redesign of a hard disk, currently in production, is a study to determine if it will ultimately increase the profit margin of a product. The two ways redesign will affect the profit margin is
lower the overall material cost and increase the production capability of the product.

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