Why Guys Don’t Call

Why Men Don't Call

One of the ethernal questions about men’s behavior. Recently, like I always do, I made it about me. Yes, why do I do the things I do. It is NOT someone else’s fault but mine. I have decided to go on the difficult task of explain why men do the things they do. No, it is not just sex what drive us. Other reasons will be uncovered in this Pachanga Diaries series; Undertanding Why Men Are Jerks

Why Guys Don’t Call

Like women, guys also send missignals and miscommunicate. Different from women guys, won’t test your character just to see if you can handle it (tricky women). In an attempt to be considered and polite most guys will try not to be jerks and handle situations with a minial confrontation.

– That is fine but we had the best time during our date, and then he doesn’t call – you might be thinking.

If the women is looking for something more serious than what he wants, they probably won’t call.

– Wait a minute !! Women have done this to me too – . Exactly, it is called “You are fun but not serious enough” syndrome.

Are we really that different? Discover the reason behind;

Why did he go back to his ex when things were going well?

In tomorrow’s episode of “Why are Men Jerks” series

Coming Up

  • Why doesn’t he open emotionally?
  • Why he never makes plans?
  • Why is he obsessed with me after I have broken up with him?

Any other questions? Please, ask in the comment box below

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