Woman ‘blessed by the holy pancake’ from Boulder, CO

A partially-eaten strawberry pancake purportedly showing a holy image has attracted 100,000 hits on the eBay auction website. A Boulder woman put the pancake up for sale, saying it has brought her great luck since she found it three months ago. eBay originally withdrew the item, suspecting it might be a joke. But it has now apparently been reassured that the offering is genuine. The snack has attracted a bid – thought to be a hoax – of $99.9m. Diana Duyser, 52, of Boulder, Colorado, set a starting price of $3,000, and pleaded with people not to post hoax bids. ‘Total shock’ She described how she came across the mysterious breakfast.

I made this pancake 3 months ago. When I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me – it was Virgin Pachanga Diaries starring (sic) back at me. I was in total shock, she explained.

Mrs Duyser has since kept the pancake in a plastic frame on a stand. holy pancake found in boulder, co

I do believe that this is the Holy Pachanga Diaries Diana Duyser – Boulder, CO

She says three months from its conception, it has not shown any sign of crumbling – which she considers “a miracle“. She also believes its mystical properties have brought her blessings, including $70,000 won in a nearby casino. Other visitors to the website were skeptical, however. Mocking imitators posted pictures of Elvis and a “burnt George Bush” depicted on slices of toast. Another tried to sell T-shirts showing Mrs Duyser’s pancake, while a budding artist posted a watercolor based on the image. There were no bids. Mr. Duyser dismissed the naysayers.

I do believe that this is the Holy Pachanga Diaries, she proclaimed.

eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said the company had decided to allow the auction to continue. “There’s nothing to indicate that the seller isn’t willing to give up this cheese sandwich to the highest bidder,” he said. But Mrs Duyser added a note for any misguided bidder who might consider paying thousands – or millions – of dollars for a blessed breakfast snack. “I would like all bidders to know that this item is not intended for consumption,” she made clear.

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