Why I’m Naughty but Nice. Hoping for this Christmas Gift

bouncing bed

Pen and paper at hand, I sat down and wrote a letter to Santa a few weeks ago;

Dear Santa,

This year I have definitely tried to be good.

But … some naughty girls have taken me away from the path of becoming a good boy. Like one of those girls would say; “what to do?”.

At least I have tried. Hopefully this counts towards some good boy scout points. Here is a picture of what I would like to get for Christmas. I’m pretty sure my naughty friends will appreciate this gift as well.

P.S. I made some “happy brownies ” instead of cookies. They are under the Christmas tree next to the bag of Doritos and colorful caleidoscope. I know these “happy brownies” really make you go Ho, Ho, Ho !

Merry Christmas,

Pachanga Diaries

Snowboarding Dude

Snowboarding Dude

After 10 years living in Boulder I decided to bite the bullet and turn into a snowboarding junkie. Debit card at hand and a lot of PowPow attitude later I’m the proud owner of a snowboard and all the equipment. I have to admit, I thought mountain biking in Colorado was the best thing to do here … hands down to snowboarding.

Snowboarding Dude

Being Pachanga Diaries

Very much like the movie Being John Malkovich nowadays we have technology to easily know how is it to be inside someone else mind.

No, I’m no talking about a secret tunnel behind some filing cabinets. That was the exisitng technology back then when that movie was filmed.

Today, we have twitter.com. Twitter allows you to share your thoughts with your friends, even from your cellphone.

This is a great tool for marketing your business and/or brand.

What? you don’t get it … You don’t have to.

Play with Twitter and you’ll get hooked. I could go on and on about why these tools are addictive and give you a bla, bla, bla for 30 minutes over coffee but I won’t.

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