6 Super Granny Powers You Didn’t Know About

Everybody has seen the video of the super granny beating a few bad guys with her powerful purse.

This made me wonder what other super powers super granny might have.

  1. Slut Shout – Turns short slutty skirts into Nun robes by shouting to? woman “Slut !”.
  2. Telepathic Ear Pulling – When she pulls her ears misbehaving children have no match to her telepathic ear pulling powers
  3. Boomerang Dentures – Knows a thief from a distance by throwing her boomerang like dentures
  4. Instant Freeze – In the presence of burglars she can touch the thief and paralyze him at site until the police shows up by diving him a severe case of arthritis
  5. Gadget Purse – Her super purse not only contains candy, a bible and powdery makeup but only a turbine walker she can pulls car chases.
  6. Slobby Kiss of Death – This is the most terrifying super power. Villains fear the super slow motion full of slobby saliva kiss. She can kiss a villain to death with her granny’s pucker kisses

super granny 6 super powers