• Tocotrienols may have antioxidant properties. You can reduce cholesterol levels and may be anti-carcinogenic and immunomodulatory action. They also have lipid-lowering effects and may inhibit breast cancer and other cancers.
  • The full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex from Tocomin?50%C is the first line of defense for your skin because research has found that tocotrienol obtained orally or through topical application preferentially accumulate on the stratum corneum of the skin.
  • The polyunsaturated side chain of tocotrienol allows them to move… efficiently and effectively across the unsaturated cell membrane bilayer

Our Movie Script

I have been interested in this salsa dancing woman for a while now. I go and see her dancing like the devil on fire.

She shakes, she sweats.

I decided to use my brand new pick up line;

– Me – Let’s put some dialog into this movie –

– She – Let’s not