Advanced Technical Analysis In Cryptocurrency Trading

Technical analysis is a careful analysis of coin reports and charts. Although with a few close similarities with other forms of trading, cryptocurrency’s unique characteristics have helped made several tools invaluable in studying coin behaviour, predicting future movement to take proper trading steps.

In this article, you would learn about more advanced methods employed in the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin. Each of these methods has striking characteristics, and readers are advised to study them carefully.


The Japanese candlesticks are technical analysis tools used to provide adequate trading data to investors. Since cryptocurrency trading occurs on exchanges, there is a section that shows charts in the form of graphs, having different time frames from 1 hour, one day, one week, one month etc. When observed carefully, when zoomed in, two types of candlesticks are seen that make up the chart. They are red and green candlesticks. The red candlestick is used to illustrate a decline in price while the green candlestick is used to show an increase in price.

Even though cryptocurrencies are entirely different from other traditional assets, similarities exist between them in the way they are charted coupled with the open, high, low & close (OHLC) of trading. The OHLC is identified in the image below.

Research shows that five favourite candlestick patterns provide useful direction for traders. These candlesticks work within price ranges in predicting the next movement of the trade either increase or decrease in value. The most accurate patterns are divided into two namely reversals and continuations. Reversals are patterns that predict a downtrend in price while continuations is a pattern that predicts an uptrend in price from its present price.

A trend can either be bullish or bearish. A pattern is said to be bullish when it is in the direction of an upward trend while it is said to be bearish when it is in the direction of a downward trend. The five popular candlesticks are namely The Hammer, The Piercing Line, The Bullish Engulfing Pattern, The Morning Star and the Three Soldiers.

The Hammer shows a bullish pattern in a reverse order in which the asset nears a downtrend. Its opposite is Hanging Man.


This principle is a form of technical analysis that employs the study of market psychology, identifying the 24hr High and Low prices and use these factors in making market decisions. Every trader that use this form of technical analysis believes that the crypto market is influenced by market psychology using fundamental analysis. Success when using Elliot wave can

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Craving Crypto EP 48 “How to easily swing trade crypto (working strategy)”



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Market overview

Topic = “How to easily swing trade crypto (working strategy)”

Some Q+A from the comment section


  1. First we will goto > view all > 7D trend.. Then you find coins with high trading volume and rounded bottoms / accumulation patterns. (this is our entry criteria)
  2. Understand your risk management! When first testing this strategy use very small amounts of your trading capital until you are comfortable.
  3. Then we goto or and take our fib tool going from the low to the high & setting sell orders on the fib levels. TP 1 = 25% sold TP 2 = 25% sold TP 3 = 25% sold.. Then keep 25% in long term.


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Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Angles: A Step-by-Step Guide to Standing Out

Hey there,

We are a mission-driven company delivering online relationship and self-development education.

You are someone who can do anything technical within a business like this…

– build landing pages
– create funnels
– hook up automations
– track with Google Analytics
– check every link is pointing where it should be
– create and monitor FB ads

You can be based anywhere so long as your wifi is strong and you can be contacted in realtime during daytime MT.

You are:
– responsive
– action-oriented
– a safe pair of hands
– detail-oriented – able to sign off on everything working perfectly
– problem-solver – if you don’t know how to do something, you can figure it out
– team-player – you know when to ask for support
– self-managing – you can manage and prioritize your own workflow

Knowledge of our software is desirable:
– Active Campaign
– Thrivecart
– Everwebinar
– Deadline Funnels

Contract is negotiable – ideally we would retain you monthly with a clear list of your deliverables and responsibilities.

To apply, please send an email which lets us know why you are a good fit. No standard cover letters please.

All best,
Jack and Clayton

Email Marketing

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Strategy

/ = Narrow Down

ES = Engaged Shoppers

WW = Worldwide

  • Adset 1 – Interests 1/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 2 – Interests 2/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 3 – Interests 3/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 4 – Interests 4/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 5 – Interests 5/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 6 – Interests 6/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 7 – Interests 7/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 8 – Interests 8/ES – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 9 – Interest Stack – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View
  • Adset 10 – Interests 10/Interest 9/Interest 8 – WW – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Keep making new interest adset variations for as long as possible. Milk interests for as long as possible before starting lookalike audiences.

Start some retargeting audiences:

Adset 1 – Retargeting Audience VC- $3/day – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Adset 2 – Retargeting Audience AC – $3/day – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Adset 3 – Retargeting Audience VV – $3/day – Facebook & IG Feeds – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Adset 1 – Retargeting Audience VC- $3/day – Automatic Placement – 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Lookalike audiences:

Break down your main campaign to see where the results are coming from. Pick the best country to start your lookalikes in. Milk that country for as long as possible before moving to a new one.

  • Lookalike 1-10% – Product page viewers (Based on people that went to your product page. Regardless if they bought or not. People that visited the link)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Abandoned checkouts (Based on people that abandoned their cart in your store)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Initiated checkouts (Based on a specific product)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Purchases (Based on people that bought your product in your store)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Fan page engagers (Based on people that engaged with your fanpage)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Ad & Post Engagers (Based on people that engaged with any of your ads and posts)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Fan page followers (Based on your fanpage followers)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Video viewers (Based on people that viewed any of your videos)
  • Lookalike 1-10% – Instagram Engagers (Based on people that engaged with your Instagram profile)

Keep cycling through adsets. Make new ones EVERY DAY. That is the key ?

  • disgust
  • anger
  • fear
  • sadness
  • happiness
  • surprise
  • contempt

Facebook Ads Strategy for Newbies

ip for newbies (who have a few spare $$$ to try this ecom game)

After a couple months of trying the $5 test ads here and there. It’s not enough, try this instead:

  1. Do your interest research (pretty thoroughly) then release 3 adsets (same creative) 1 VC, 1 ATC, 1 Purchase, at a big fat wopping $25 per day budget (lol), but keep a very VERY close eye on them for about 3 to 4 hours, 1 will out perform on the CTR, kill the other 2 (you’ll have only spent about 10 bucks)
  2. Then duplicate that 1 about 5 times over 3-4 hours, AGAIN, 1 will outperform significantly, kill the other 4 (you’ll only have spent another $10).
  3. Since I’ve tested this way I’ve started to find regular winners, not quite 200-300k months (hopefully soon) but 40, 50, 60k months at, 30% profit on average.
  4. Facebook like you to spend money, but you can actually FAKE, spend money, if you just keep an eye on it.
  5. FINAL TIP – don’t go bed with a few of those adsets going, you’ll wake up crying 9 times out of 10.

I’m no pro by any means, and I certainly don’t have loads of money, I just test playing the odds.

Peace X


Amazon Profitability Calculator

Best Products to Private Label for Amazon FBA

6 Tips for Private Labeling on Amazon FBA & Choosing a Product (w/ Greg Mercer)

Jungle Scout Criteria

  • 50 reviews or less
  • 300 units sales per month or more
  • $20 – $50
  • 2 lbs or less

Manufacturing Criteria

  1. Not big brand product
  2. Not bulky
  3. Not difficult to manufacture
  4. Not likely to break easily
  5. Don’t require variations

Analyze Competition

  1. Top sellers are selling for $20 average or more
  2. Top ten sellers are collectively makes 3000 sales per month average
  3. Top ten sellers have 3000 sales per month average spread evenly or distributed evenly
  4. 1 seller in the top 5 with 50 reviews or less
  5. 3 sellers in the top 10 results with 50 reviews or less

How to Find Manufacturers

Step 1: Go to Alibaba and find the search bar. Type in the name of a product that you are interested in selling. In this video I used vitamin pills as an example.

Step 2: Because a lot of suppliers have duplicate listings on Alibaba for the same item (because it increases their presence in the Alibaba search engine) you will need to filter the results by clicking on “browse by suppliers.”

Step 3: To filter the results down further, search by “Gold Suppliers.” Most suppliers will do this because it has become basically a prerequisite for having new buyers contact them. It doesn’t cost them much money to do this, so the results will only be filtered by a small amount.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): If the list of suppliers is still too long, then click to filter the results by “assessed supplier.” This is only necessary in very popular niches where you have a large number of suppliers that you need to filter down to a manageable amount.

Step 5: Contact 10-20 suppliers at least. If you have time, then contact more. The more you contact, the better.

Here is the email template referenced in our video tutorial on how to find a supplier on Alibaba:


Our company director asked me to contact your company about working together on a lucrative, long-term venture. We are a company that sells products related to [INSERT NICHE HERE] and we do over 2 million dollars in sales each year. We’re looking to expand our product range and create a profitable partnership between your company and ours.

We are planning to purchase [INSERT ITEM] to our product line. It would need to meet these specifications:

  • Specification (e.g size)
  • Specification (e.g. quantity)
  • Specification (e.g. colour)

We have been researching different companies in China that manufacture [INSERT ITEM] and we think that your company could be a great supplier for it. We would like to get some more information and have a few questions that we would like you to please answer:

  • Can we please get a sample of the product as soon as possible. Can you please let us know how much you will charge for the sample, including Express shipping to [INSERT COUNTRY], zip code [INSERT ZIP CODE]? We would like to pay with PayPal.
  • How long will it take to receive the sample? * What types of packaging do you usually use for this product? * How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?
  • What is the product-per-unit cost including shipping via Air Express to the United States, ZIP code 85043? * Do you accept PayPal for the full-order?”

We would be very grateful if you would contact us with answers to the above questions as well as any additional policies that we may need to know. We would also like to discuss with you further about doing a sample order for the product.

We are hopeful that we can start a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please add me on Skype and talk to me, as this is my ideal form of communication: [INSERT ID] Alternatively you can email me back at this address: [INSERT ADDRESS]

Kind regards, [NAME]”

Here are some final tips to keep in mind when you are looking to find a supplier on Alibaba to manufacture your Amazon FBA private label products:

Tip #1 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: Don’t judge the supplier/manufacture by their Alibaba response rate. The Alibaba response rate only takes into account how fast they respond within Alibaba’s email system, and it doesn’t take into account how fast they reply to personal emails. This is not a good indicator of how responsive they will be to private communication, which is all you should care about.

Tip #2 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: Avoid manufacturers that try to vet your business. If a manufacturer comes back and starts asking questions about your business, clearly skeptical of the size of your company, it is best to move on. Manufacturers that do this will usually decline to work with you as they are only to work with other large companies, so you don’t want to waste your time.

Tip #3 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: It is OK to work directly with a sales rep – if they offer you a better deal.

When you are looking to find a supplier on Alibaba, you’ll discover that sales reps often have inflated prices (due to commission cuts). But occasionally, a sales rep will have a better relationship with a factory and so are able to negotiate lower prices. They will also often have good english, making communication easier. Vet sales reps and treat them as equals during the process of picking and choosing the right supplier.