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Twelve Tools For Business in 2019

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, it’s a great time of year for many of us. Family, friends and of course the giving and receiving of presents.

As a business owner who isn’t in retail, there is a traditional shutdown between Christmas and New Year and after a few days off you may be looking ahead to next year and thinking how you can grow the business and sales. In more austere times, people are asked to do more with the same resources (or less!).

So this week I have listed some great tools to help make marketing your business or service much easier for 2019.

Saving Time

These tools will help you get more productive so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less on the things you don’t

#1 Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to schedule most of your tweets in 1 go, meaning you create more time to engage and are less likely to skip tweeting the “evergreen “messages within your business.

#2 Buffer App

Much like Hootsuite, the team at Buffer allow you to create a schedule of what times you’d like to send tweets and Facebook posts (Although I don’t recommend it for Facebook – see #3 to find out why). It operates on a “send if anything is in the bucket” model. So if you load it with 20 stories, it will drip-feed them out until they run out.

#3 Facebook Scheduler

Most businesses are a little sporadic in their social media activity often having busts of ten minutes here and there to post things. The challenge is though that your audience isn’t always ready to receive when you want to post. Thankfully Facebook allows you to schedule your business page posts rather than send 3 out within 3 minutes. Facebook appears to actively penalise posts scheduled from elsewhere, so that’s why I recommend using the Facebook functionality.

Email Tools

#4 Zerobounce

Here are the locations of mobile speed cameras in Calderdale this New Year

Here are the locations of mobile speed cameras in Calderdale this New Year

Got an old list of customer email addresses but aren’t sure which ones are still usable. Mailing a high % of “bad” emails will hurt your deliverability. In steps Zerobounce, a great tool to clean up the data in under 1 hour. Just be sure you comply with all the other GDPR regs!

#5 Mailchimp & Aweber

Two for one here. Creating a central hub for your marketing and updates to your customers couldn’t be easier. With both free and paid plans, these companies make it very easy to create professional templates to wow your customers

Google Tools

#6 Google Correlate

Think of correlate as a thesaurus. Type in a search term that you think your customers are looking for and it will suggest additional terms too that you may not have thought of.

#7 Google Image Search

Found an image but want to make sure you have the rights to use it? Copy the image in to Google Image search and it will usually show you the original source so you can make sure you comply with any and all legal requirements!

#8 Google trends

A great way to keep on top of the latest trends and also review whether there is historic seasonality on products or search terms. This helps with workload and inventory planning! It is also great for finding new things to talk about with your customers.

Online Marketing

#9 Canva

Canva allows you to create wonderful looking graphics for promoting your business and offers all year round. Most people can cope with the free version, although there is a small charge for certain premium functions.

#10 Survey monkey

Why not let your existing customers help you shape the new product range or product offering. You can use the free or premium versions to survey their thoughts. It’s always worth considering offering a small incentive for people who enter and participate. Whether it’s a gift card, discount or some other VIP service, it will increase participation rates.

#11 Marketing School Podcast

Struggling for time and possibly inspiration? In steps Neil Patel and Eric Siu with their 5 minute daily podcast on all things marketing. Everyone can make 5 minutes right? Whether it is in the car, on the bus or even walking to work. They are light hearted and full of great information from a team that is doing extremely well online!

#12 Ahrefs

The costliest of all the recommendations, but this allows businesses to find data on how to generate more customers online and get more visitors. Rather than recreating the wheel, you can review competitors or search terms and find out how easy (or not) it is to have your website perform far better that it does today!

Have you tried any of these? Got different recommendations? If so, comment below I’d love to read them

Finally, I’d like to wish you a very Happy New year! See you in 2019


Snobbish Mustache

Second Annual Snobbish Mustache Meets …


Even Barack Obama is Doing it, Why Don’t You?

What: Meet Snobbish People from Boulder, CO and network and have fun

Where : Eben G. Fine Park \ Boulder, CO

When : Thursday, August 20, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

How : With a snobbish attitude of course. Bring your own snobbish mustache or get one with us. Name tags will be provided but not for your name but for your snobbish category.

BRING: Something to share with others as this is a potluck get together as well.

Earth No Flush Hour

Earth No Flush Hour

Earth No Flush Hour is starting in 2009 in Boulder, CO with thousands of homes and businesses no flushing or using water for one whole hour. This event is rapidly becoming a global sustainability movement with thousands of people across 35 countries participating. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome?s Colosseum will stand in dryness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour.

In 2009, at 8.30pm on May 2, we are asking people across the world to no use water and join together in creating the vital conversation about the future of our precious planet. Earth No Flush Hour is a message of hope and a message of action.

Everyone can make a difference. It?s as simple as no flushing or using water for an hour on May 2 @ 8:30 pm.

Join us for Earth No Flush Hour 2009.

Yes, we are in FaceBook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Earth-No-Flush-Hour/66319266683?ref=ts Sponsored by Imodiuom

How To Advertise On Facebook And Lower Your PPC


Facebook Experiment #1

This experiment made me realize to never take the obvious path whenever it comes to internet marketing. Why? Read about it below.

Trying to promote my children story website I decided to go to facebook and create a few ads. I figure the demographics are easy. I’ll target male or females with children 9 – 12 years old from spanish speaking country.

I started paying about $0.80 per click.

A few days later, I found myself with a few clicks and even less conversions.

Then, I found this facebook page;

Discover Facebook Pages

What Does This Mean?

Instead of using the continue paying the cost of marketing using the obvious path, I decided to target those pages that have already done the work of gathering potential customers.

This was incredible. The conversions were higher (not something incredible, but higher) for a reason. They have already “liked” similar pages, why no join my page as well.

By targeting users that have join pages instead of demographics the PPC went down to $0.35 cents.

Next time you want to market your blog or page, don’t take the obvious path, it is usually overpriced.

How To Create Quality Backlinks To Beat Your Competition

I have been slapped by Google !!

Ouch !!

The Slap

Last week Google decided to change their algorithm and my niche website when from position 31 to position 63 in one week.

Read more about this google algoritm update here;


All the effort that I’ve put together since the beginning of December 2010 went back about two months behind.

Frustration Knocks On My Door

Frustration is not a pretty visitor but I always try to look at it naked. Everytime, I get frustration or nervius I imagine my audience naked. So, once again I traced back my steps and try to wear google’s shoes.

Where did I go wrong and why will google sent my site back?

The only tricky and kind of gray hat things I did was to buy backlinking services from fiverr.com . Duh !! That’s probably why google send me back.

To double check, I went to google results and notice the number 1 website was still number one. So, this google update did not affect that website.

What Is My Competitor Doing That I’m Not?

I know that my content and structure is pretty tight in terms of SEO.

  • Meta Tags- Check !!
  • Description – Check !!
  • Content – Check !!
  • Backlinks – Not Check


Backlinks. So far I have taken the lazy approach to this but that was about to change. I went and gather all the backlinks of my number one competitor using the following site;


Then I contacted the first six website owners from the results table asking them to exchange links with me.

I started to notice a trend. These websites did not have a link to my number one google competitor. How and where is the link to number 1 site?

Comments !!

Most of these websites are blogger websites. This means you can create a comment with anchor text to your site easily. Most of these sites don’t have an approval process. So I prepare something like this;

<a href=” [my site name] “> [ anchor text] </a>

and added an honest comment to each one of these websites.

Now, We Wait

Ohh !! There is nothing to write about here. I’m actually sitting and waiting until the next google spider passes through my site. Hopefully it will help with the ranking.

Follow The Leader

For many years I tried to be a good engineer and come up with original groundbreaking ideas and approaches to do something. Guess what? Life is too short to reinvent the wheel. There is a reason why there are more than one person alive at a time. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Facebook Advertising Trick

Facebook has its own self serve advertising platform. Trying to get customers to one of my website I decided to give it try.

First, I decided to use broad demographics and the ROI and CTR was terrible.

Then, while reading the twitter account of an expert online advertiser I found a link to facebook Pages Directory.


This was the trick. Instead of using a broad demographics I only targeted FB users that belong to an specific really targetted page. This increased my conversions and reduce the cost of customer adquisition.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments how did it turned out for you.

Does Backlinking Works Better Than Frequent Posting?

SEO Growth

In my search to get better rankings for my dad’s website www.loscuentosinfantiles.com, I’ve been experimenting with different strategies.

Frequent Posting

Back in December 2010 I decided to post almost everyday to see if posting will improve my rankings. At the beginning of Decemeber the website was at position 126 under “cuentos infantiles“. A month later, google placed it in position 65.

Even though that is an incredible jump in ranking is not within the first page of google. The first position receives about 500,000 searches per month. Frequent posting did improve my ranking significantly but … there is always a but … I will continue later on this post explaining the but.



Basic back linking done for this site was mostly social media linking. I will go to five or six website and bookmark every post during that month after posting frequently. Twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, google buzz, delicious, etc. I didn’t see any big improvemnt. The site went from position 65 to 55. Then, I discovered fiverr.com

For five dollars I placed orders to add my site to different site aggregators and review sites. Also, I place orders to get links from .gov and .edu websotes. Yes !! for five dollars. This was amazing !!

At the end of february the site was in position 31 in google. I was impressed and also started to figure out this SEO thing.

But then, I decided to drop the ball.


Experimenting With Dropping The Ball

Typical engineer, I made a silly decision that I can recover easily from; I decided not to do anything to the website for three weeks. Nothing, nada. Just leave the thing alone. Results ? (… drull roll) google set the site back to position 62 within three weeks.

AAhhhhh !!!


Lesson Learned

In summary I learned this about google SEO.

  • If your competitior are lazy, you are good. Sit back and enjoy the traffic coming in.
  • If your competitor is passioned about what they do. They will post more. The more passioned competitiors the faster you get burried under google results
  • Who wins google SEO ranking battles is the one that post quality and unique content, more frequent than competitors in the niche category and also backlinks constantly to the new content.


My SEO 3 Cents

Not really cents but three take-homes about SEO

  1. Post Frequently – preferibly more than your google #1 position competitor
  2. Create Niche Content – write about what people are actually looking for, not what you think they are looking for
  3. Backlink – Use different techniques. Guest postint, social media, or fiverr.com backlinking services



Spanish Children Stories Niche Website

A little less than a month ago I started my own SEO challenge. I decided then that I was going to sistematly rank my dad’s website to the first page of google. Since december 8, 2010 I have been looking a diferent how-to articles I can write about. This is, since it is a children’s story website most stories won’t have keywords the spiders can link to and categorize the site in under the right niche market.

Therefore, I started wirting and submiting articles to different blogs and article banks.

Between posting a new children story every other day and writing about how writing children’s stories will help your child improve in school I manage to get the website from page 12 to page 6.

This is an amazing progress since whenever it comes to websites SEO exposure is very important as it is search marketing and no interruption marketing.

The plan still to focus on ranking in the first page of google first. Then, I’m planning to do the following to establish my dad as an author and find a publishing house for his children book.

  1. Rank #1 google
  2. Promote computer video games to monetize the website
  3. Open an account with amazon.com and become an affiliate
  4. Contact other children website owners and grow his audience by guest posting
  5. Contact succesful children book authors and ask relevant questions
  6. Contact publishers

The Best Compliment

?- The Best Compliment – Today I received the best compliment a stranger has given me. I went to the UMC (CU cafeteria) today to buy a banana. The cashier (around 50 yo) told me; “It is $42.00” – I said; “sure charge it”. She then asked me if my parents get the bill and that’s why I don’t care. She tought I was 24 years old. LOL and thank you lady

10 Things I Did While Facebook Was Down

1. Wonder about what’s on my mind

2. Share something with my co-worker

3. Tweeted; “Facebook is down”

4. Considered masturbation but then remembered I was at work

5. Discovered I have a window in my office and half a sandwich in a drawer. WFT ??

6. Check if Facebook was back on. Nope …. checked again …. nope !!

7. Pee

8. Went to hulu.com to watch the daily show. Steward, you are a funny mofo

9. Talked to a stranger and then discover we work in the same office. Just a few feet away from each other

10.? I actually did some work

Getting Ready for Halloween

Me and Zohar decided to go to The Ritz in downtown Boulder looking for a Halloween costume. She found some weird coats and hat. It does not require much to get this girl dancing. She lovesss shopping and trying things on.


Of course she found an afro wig and had to give it a try.

Boulder Open Studios Art Exposition

Open Studios Art Exhibit

On tuesday, September 15, 2009 I had a dance presentation with grupo Macondo (www.macondodance.com) at the Boulder Library. At the north entrance of the Boulder library I found this cute piece of art. This sculpture is part of Open Studios art exhibit going on until October 11, 2009 at the Boulder library. Don’t miss out and stop by to enjoy other pieces.

More information about this exposition:

Event Type: Arts and Exhibits
Date: 9/12/2009 – 10/11/2009


You can see one piece of each participating artist’s work in the Canyon Gallery. This show will help you choose your favorites.

The full-color Open Studios Guidebook includes a list of all of the participating artists, a photo of their work, a large tour map, bike routes, artist interviews, a children’s page and more. Although the Guidebook is not required, purchase helps make this non-profit event possible.

Look through the Guidebook, select your favorite artists and then circle their numbers on your map and you’re ready to start your adventure! No appointment is needed. Noon – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, during the first two weekends of October. The bright yellow Open Studios sign helps make studios easy to find and identify.

Interact with the artists as they explain their processes and what inspires them to create their art. Buy art directly from the artists with all proceeds from the sale going directly to the artist.

Library: Boulder Public Library – Main Branch

Other Information:
Public Reception: Friday, October 2, 6-8 p.m. in the Canyon Gallery

Contact: Jane Saltzman
Contact Number: 303-444-1862
Link: Open Studios home page

Boulder Celebrity Look Alike – Zohar



I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain this one but just in case, the one on the left is cousin IT from the Adams Family (Did I say left, I meant right? It is difficult to tell them apart).

Zohar is the founder of Intuitive Painting.

Every child is an artist the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” ?Pablo Picasso.”

Intuitive Painting in Boulder/ Denver, for more information 720-436-2413 prosperity555@gmail.com

CBMap Re-Design

cbmap - geologic tools

Micromango Studios did a fabulous job not only with the design of my web site but also with its functionality. For the first time, I have easy access to content allowing me to personally ensure that web site information is up-to-date. Victor also had many useful suggestions on how to improve functionality, extending my web site’s reach and the number of services it provides. – Carl Nelson – President and Founder of Recursos del Caribe, SA


The Best Swimmer and Habanera

Another fall is sneaking into Comedy City, Boulder . Let’s review what is that I have done recently. Mmmh … not much. Oh, I remember, started reading a book; eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert . Very good so far. She is going through some drama. That what I have read so far … and then fall asleep. I also watched the Olympics and apparently, Michael Phelps was definitely a very, very, very competitive sperm. Man, that guy are still in laser targeting where-is-that-hypnotic-egg mode. I also found this video that reminds me of Sebastien . Our crazy legs french friend who moved to better shaken “budinhas” (look it up in a Brazilian to English dictionary). Enjoy the habanera video.

Micromango Software

Founder and developer of Micromango Software. A software company that creates affordable, easy to learn and implement database desktop solutions.

As an entrepreneur I; research, designed, wrote programming code and performed testing and debugging of applications using programming languages and technologies.

Designed and created graphics and content for software products, support, website and marketing material.

read more …

Operation’s Trending System RDBS

Problem: The operations supervisor needs a tool that allows

him to over impose different data sets with a minimal programming interaction.
Data sets are constantly gather and saved by more than 50 sensors through out the plant. It is necessary to be able to visualize how this data set relates to each other under a time domain.

Solution: Build a database that will import flat tables into its RDBMS and create pre-defined queries that are flexible enough for the operator to add or remove data sets.

Result: The operator supervisor discovered different ongoing equipment malfunctions and vibrations out of range as well as inaccurate set points. Therefore, improving efficiency and predicting and preventing equipment malfunctions.

Utilities Management System

Problem: Management, Administrators, Supervisors need a way
to consistently access data that is been updated by different departments.
The data collects important information related to the Utilities Department essential functions and employees spend a lot of time asking colleagues for document latest versions, contact’s phone numbers, safety and building issues and location of project drawings.

Solution: To effectively manage all of these data and documents
from any console from any department, a comprehensive user interface is necessary to provide point-and-click connectivity and enforce strong access and control.

A good centralized management platform easily provides a solid return on investment in many ways. It lets you control, update, relate, edit and analyze most information required by employees. Also, all information is centralized and backed up every day. The information is maintained by all employees and always reflects the latest changes.

Result: The overall efficiency and productivity of the Utilities
department increased. Any CAD drawing can be found by any revision,
project name, title, draftsmen, manufacturer, etc. All safety and
building work orders are been addressed and account for. All contacts,
manufacturer, vendors, and consultant’s information is up to date
and easily accessible from any department.