Digital Marketing Specialist

As the Digital Marketing Specialist at Lawgical you are highly organized, goal-oriented, deadline-driven and are meticulous with your attention to detail. The Lawgical marketing team is lean and agile, and in this role you recognize the need to roll up your sleeves to identify opportunities to maximize customer revenue/conversions and increase our brand awareness and loyalty. It’s important for you to be an in-house subject matter expert — understanding your customer’s and the industry trends — to effectively communicate to our potential customers.

While self-motivated and autonomous, you work (and communicate) closely with your marketing and sales colleagues to set goals and a roadmap to achieve them. Ultimately, this translates into delivering campaigns that are aligned with the company’s mission and priorities. You are revenue and results oriented and create content, emails, and marketing materials around expanding client base.

You have strong communication, design, and analytical skills that support your primary goal of creating digital campaigns that drive revenue growth (new customer acquisition, retention, cross-selling and upselling).


* Manage email campaign calendar for up to 4 brands
* Create targeted email campaigns
* Develop graphic and content assets for email campaigns
* Create campaign landing pages
* Measure campaign results and effectiveness
* Distribution Optimization (determining optimal time, frequency, messaging, etc)
* Develop campaign ideas based off company analytics and results
* Identify audience and tailor content/campaigns around target customers
* Identify channels’ partners and content distribution opportunities
* Curate and manage email marketing lists and segments
* Coordinate campaigns with sales and marketing teams
* Create, update, and manage lead nurturing and drip campaigns
* Code responsive email templates in HTML and CSS
* Automate marketing tasks and processes
* Create, buy and track effectiveness of social media campaigns
* Maintain PPC ad campaigns

Experience and Skills
* 2+ years experience setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them
* 2+ years of experience with email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and marketing analytics
* 2+ years of experience with PPC advertising
* Experience with social media advertising
* Experience with email marketing tools (e.g., MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc)
* Experience with list management, targeting and segmentation
* Experience with A/B testing
* Strong written skills and experience with blogging
* Strong analytical skills
* Video editing a plus, but not required
* Experience with Zapier (or other automation tools) a plus
* Proficient with spreadsheet and graphics software

How to Apply
Please send an HTML email campaign to promoting yourself as Lawgical’s next Digital Marketing Specialist.

Please include…
* a link to your resume
* salary requirements
* an original graphic you created
* your favorite gif of all time
* all other elements that make an email campaign effective

Learn more about us at…


To Starting a

Social Media Marketing Agency

  1.       Business Plan
    1.       Business Name
    1.       Service Offering
    1.       Pricing Plan
    1.       Outsourcing Approach
    1.       Partners
    1.       Niche/Industry
  2.       Business License
    1.       Inc File
    1.       Local Business License
    1.       Tax ID
  3. Understanding SWEPS and Other Topics
    1.       Social Media Marketing
    1.       Web Development & Marketing
    1.       Email Marketing & Automation
    1.       Pay Per Click
    1.       Search Engine Optimization
  •       Content Marketing
    •       Video
    •       Blog
    •       Sales Funnel Strategy
      • Awareness > Consideration > Conversion
        • Integrating SWEPS
    •       Copywriting
    •       Branding
  •       Laptop
  •       Business Email Account
  •       Business Cards
  •       Bank Account
  •       Basic QuickBooks Setup
  •       Website
    •       Home Page
    •       Services Page
    •       Contact Page
  •       Social Media Business Accounts Setup
    •       Facebook
    •       Instagram
    •       Twitter
    •       Google+
    •       YouTube (If you plan to create regular content to drive leads)
  •       Lead Generation Approach
    •       Create Lead Gen Excel Tracking Sheet
    • Email Marketing
      •       Create Email Templates
    • Facebook Messages
      •       Create Facebook Message Templates
    • Cold Calling
      •       Create Cold Calling Script
    • Networking
      •       Leave Behind Documents
    • Walk-Ins
      •       Audits or Leave Behind Documents
  •       Onboarding Document
  •       Proposal Templates
  •       Product Offering pdf
  •       Operational Workflows (How you’ll handle new customers when you sign them up)
    •       Campaign Planning & Integration
    •       Content Planning
    •       Scheduling and Posting
    •       Content Creation & Review
    •       Ad Creation & Review
    •       Campaign Data Management & Review
  •       Content Calendar Plan
  •       Customer Testimonials
  •       Client Campaign Reporting Plan
  •       Prospecting List
  •       Weekly Networking Meeting Schedule

Advertising Assistant

Our agency provides advertising and marketing services to agencies and brands. The owner handles most of the workload herself along with help from contractors. Speaking of contractors, the owner is currently in need of an assistant. She is looking for an experienced, intelligent, enthusiastic, dependable, and hard-working part-time contractor. This person will be responsible for assisting with digital advertising operations and behind-the-scenes account management for 2-3 clients.

Specifically, the Advertising Assistant’s tasks will include:

• Executing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn campaigns
• Setting up marketing pixels in Google Tag Manager
• Setting up goal and event tracking in Google Analytics
• Setting up e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics
• Trafficking digital advertising campaigns
• Reporting on live digital campaigns
• Optimizing live digital campaigns
• Assisting with post-campaign performance presentations
• Assisting with task and project management
• Executing programmatic advertising campaigns

The owner will provide assistance on all of the above tasks.


• Minimum two years Account Coordinator experience
• Minimum two years Facebook Business Manager experience
• Experience with other types of social media advertising a plus (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Minimum one-year experience with Double Click Campaign Manager
• Six-months experience with DoubleClick Bid Manager
• One-year experience with Google Tag Manager
• Project management experience
• Strong proficiency in Excel and Power Point
• Working knowledge of important advertising metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate, conversions and cost per conversion

Skills/Traits desired for this position are
• Assistant not afraid to pick up the phone and get things done
• Strong communication & listening skills
• Strategic/analytical thinking
• Problem solving
• Team player
• Self-driven & motivated
• Ability to jump in with little direction
• Organized
• Thirst for learning new things

A degree or concentration in advertising, marketing, communications or business administration preferred.

This position would start as a part-time contractor at 15 hours per week. Work from our home office in North Boulder for ½ a day 2 days per week is likely. Other work can be done from home.

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