How To Advertise On Facebook And Lower Your PPC


Facebook Experiment #1

This experiment made me realize to never take the obvious path whenever it comes to internet marketing. Why? Read about it below.

Trying to promote my children story website I decided to go to facebook and create a few ads. I figure the demographics are easy. I’ll target male or females with children 9 – 12 years old from spanish speaking country.

I started paying about $0.80 per click.

A few days later, I found myself with a few clicks and even less conversions.

Then, I found this facebook page;

Discover Facebook Pages

What Does This Mean?

Instead of using the continue paying the cost of marketing using the obvious path, I decided to target those pages that have already done the work of gathering potential customers.

This was incredible. The conversions were higher (not something incredible, but higher) for a reason. They have already “liked” similar pages, why no join my page as well.

By targeting users that have join pages instead of demographics the PPC went down to $0.35 cents.

Next time you want to market your blog or page, don’t take the obvious path, it is usually overpriced.

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