Utilities Analyst I or II


The Utilities Analyst will conduct data and impact analysis; participate in administrative research to guide decisions impacting policies, procedures, and customer enhancements; and support the financial planning and utility rate administration functions. Responsibilities will include conducting benchmark and financial impact analysis, assisting with the coordination of public hearings, maintaining financial forecasting models, and participating in various strategic planning projects.

  • Prepare administrative studies and research projects as required; prepare statistical data, graphs, and presentations; assist in the coordination and implementation of approved studies and projects.
  • Gather, compile, and interpret a variety of statistical data; and prepare administrative reports.
  • Research, analyze and recommend changes in procedures and/or operations as part of process management; assist in their development and implementation; identify and/or recommend goals, objectives, policies and procedures for assigned programs; and establish implementation schedules and methods.
  • Research and analyze industry, legislative, and/or regulatory developments for impact on department finances; prepare written analysis, including recommended course of action.
  • Assist managers and supervisors in communicating division level goals and performance measures throughout the organization.
  • Monitor and review master agreements to ensure contracted amounts are not exceeded, and that insurance is current; renew agreements as appropriate to ensure continuity of consultant/contractor services.
  • Provide assistance on special projects; conduct studies/analysis and coordinate findings with requester; prepare final report and present orally and in writing to management and other stakeholders.
  • Assist in developing forecasts of APU cash flow, planning models, revenue projections, cost allocation studies, expenses, and fund balances.
  • Prepare financial analyses used in the issuance of debt; assist in preparing financial documentation required by Bond Rating Agencies.
  • Prepare and analyze data related to electric and water rates and fees; produce revenue and cost studies; conduct surveys to determine rate competitiveness and equity.
  • Assist in developing APU’s business plan, including the strategic financial plan.
  • Work with various divisions including finance, water/power supply, and engineering staff in maintaining APU’s financial pro forma models.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Candidates must possess two years of experience (three years for Utilities Analyst II) in the in the areas of financial and economic analysis, financial forecasting, water and/or electric rate development, cost-benefit analysis, performance indicator development and tracking, or leading cross-divisional project teams. Experience need not be with a public utility or agency,

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in finance, accounting, business administration, public administration, economics, quantitative science, or a related field. An equivalent combination of experience and education sufficient to perform the essential job functions and provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.

Candidates must have knowledge of principles of financial planning analysis and statistical reporting; methods of calculating investment returns and risk assessment; research methods and report writing; principles of cost benefit analysis; benchmarking and performance measurement; management information systems; work flow analysis, software to manage and analyze data; complex spreadsheets and database applications; and pertinent federal, state, and local laws, rules, codes, and ordinances.

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to compile, organize, and analyze data; prepare complete and concise reports; employ creativity, logical thinking, and judgment in analyzing complex issues and developing sound recommendations; forecast and develop models that simulate complex financial activities; assist in and/or conduct electric and water studies related to cost of service, rate schedules, and cost-benefit analysis; effectively communicate and promote ideas to various stakeholders; effectively plan and direct special projects; operate with tact and diplomacy; make effective oral presentations; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; make sound recommendations related to assigned projects; assist and/or develop performance indicators; maintain business process maps; operate effectively and independently with employees across APU divisions; assist with planning and/or coordinating multiple projects simultaneously; maintain confidentiality; assist and/or develop content for internal and external communication; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


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