Why Men Don’t Open Emotionally?

Why Men Don't Open Emotionally?

Most women build up everything they’re thinking inside until they have to let it out in one big emotional release. And guess what men see when this happens? No, they don’t see how much you care or love them and how amazing it is that you want to be with them. Somehow instead of seeing the good and the positive intentions you have, they see intense negative emotions that they can’t understand.

And men get scared of emotions that are really intense or that they don’t understand. Men aren’t used to emotions. When you share your feelings and want to know his feelings for you, he freaks out. He either becomes;

  • the ?deer-in-headlights? guy or
  • the ?angry-frustrated-scared? guy

Most women do what makes sense in this situation – they push and encourage the man to talk, to get in touch with his feelings and to share HER feelings. But men don’t see it as positive encouragement. They see it as you being ?over-emotional? and pushy about the issue.

The WORST mistakes you can make are;

  • Assuming – that he knows what you want or expect
  • Begging – for him to ?give you? what you want
  • Convincing – trying to make him feel the way you do
  • Bullying – bullying him into your way of thinking or feeling
  • Ask for his deepest, darkest secret

Would you, as a woman, feel great if he tries to teach you how to play football and he bullies and assumes you should be fine with been hit to the floor within the first 10 minutes of the game? Probably not. That is exactly how it feels.

Also, remember that women will test a guy?s character and pull him into the emotional zone just to see if he can handle it. Some women are not even interested on the guy or have already made up their mind about breaking up with him and KNOW he will react this way. Then, they say; ?I broke up with him because he did not understand my emotions?

The female brain is so complex and works in so many deceptive ways. Beautiful!!

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