Why Would She Call If She Thinks I’m Cute

Allan R – they say that women mature faster than men, but why is it that most men don’t play games like women do, example: you are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute, call me really soon, you call them, and they never call you back.

If I hear 1000 POSITIVE comments from women, then I’ll change my opinion for SURE!!!

Me – 95% of the time women are very mood oriented. Whenever you call, tell (don’t ask) them you are doing something fun and she is invited. Most women don’t know what they want, they only know what they don’t want once the figure they don’t w…ant it. NUTS !! It is the nature of the beast. Remember they don’t have to go looking for guys or relationships. Those have been offered to them since they were in their teens. They had to develop a mechanism to screen you out (80/20 rule). Make an irresistible offer twice. If it doesn’t work out or she calls back, move on.

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